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BEFORE: This female patient had a predominantly cast metal bridge, which her dentist prescribed after she fractured the porcelain on each of the abutment teeth on the previous restoration. The patient always disliked how it looked and desired a more esthetic, long-term option.

AFTER: Because her PFM restorations had fractured previously, a high-strength BruxZir Full-Strength bridge was prescribed, providing the patient with the best combination of strength and esthetics.

BEFORE: A patient with existing PFM crowns that covered tetracycline-stained preparations desired a more esthetic solution. The case was restored with IPS e.max®MT (Medium Translucency) and BruxZir Anterior crowns, which combine an esthetic level of translucency with the ability to block out discolorations.

AFTER: The crowns on teeth #6, #7 and #8 are BruxZir Anterior and the crowns on teeth #9, #10 and #11 are IPS e.max. Due to the increased translucency of BruxZir Anterior, you can see that these solid zirconia crowns come much closer to matching the proven esthetics of IPS e.max.

BEFORE: This patient broke a tooth in a bike accident when he was 10 years old and had it repaired with composite over the years. He stated that he was unhappy with the “unattractive white spots” on most of his upper teeth.

AFTER: The patient was shown a mock-up of his new smile with BioTemps® veneers from #4–13. The final decision was to restore his smile using BruxZir Anterior veneers, which eliminated the fluorosis spots, corrected some slight misalignments, and blended in beautifully with his remaining teeth.

BEFORE: Preoperative condition of a patient who had a high lip line, severe cervical decay on the remaining teeth, and lack of gingival support.

AFTER: The final BruxZir Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis restored form, function and quality of life, completing a dramatic oral reconstruction for a patient who had terminal dentition.

BEFORE: Inadequate occlusal clearance can wreak havoc on PFM restorations, as it did on this fractured PFM bridge. The patient would not accept a metal occlusal on the first molar and the porcelain fractured after nine months.
AFTER: This monolithic BruxZir bridge has been in place for 18 months. Because they have no porcelain overlay, BruxZir restorations are indicated for areas with limited occlusal space.
BEFORE: This patient recently had an endodontic procedure through this lower molar PFM crown and recurrent decay on the distal of the bicuspid. The patient had never been particularly happy about the gray hue of the PFM, and he didn’t like having a hole in the top of the crown, even though it was patched with composite.
AFTER: According to lab statistics, crowns on first molars fracture more than any other crown, so a BruxZir Shaded crown was chosen for its strength and esthetics.

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